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The Department of History has been working since the establishment of the college in June 1965. Besides teaching the Department organizes seminars and workshops regularly. The department organized Prof. Sushobhan Sarkar Centenary Memorial lectures in the past. Eminent Professors of the subject from Tripura University often visit the department and deliver lectures on different topics. The department also brings out a wall magazine annually. Another objective of the department is to encourage the students to understand the depth of the various facets in the history of Tripura.

Vision of the Department

The department prepares the students to attain academic excellence so as to pave their future career prospects. Empowerment of the students is our vision and often steps related to these are adopted to strengthen both their academic and personal base.

Department Profile

Year of Establishment 1965
Name of HOD Smt. Sanchita Riang
Courses offered B.A (Major & General)
Entry level Qualification H.S.(+2) Passed
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Faculty members

Sl. No. Name Designation Contact
1 Smt. Sanchita Riang

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Associate Professor & HOD 7005549064
2 Smt. Tapasi Das

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Post Graduate Teacher 9436939060
3 Dr  Ratnabali Ray Sengupta

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Assistant Professor 9774078548
4 Smt. Madhumita Bhadra

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Post Graduate Teacher 9436926252


Major & General syllabus

Question Papers

Honours        1st sem        2nd sem        3rd sem        4th sem        5th sem        6th sem

Pass             1st sem        2nd sem        3rd sem        4th sem        5th sem

MCQ             1st sem        2nd sem        3rd sem        4th sem       

Study Materials

American War of Independence                                  Early and later vedic period                                Economic Depression                           

Economic factor of Renaissance                                Maritime activities of the Cholas                        Reforms 1919

Russia: Modernisation of Alexander II                         Utopian socialism                 

Program organized by the Department

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Contact Us

Address of Communication:
Department of History
Women's College
B.K. Road, Agartala
Tripura, India