College Canteen

        Women's College, Agartala has a small (about 250 sqft) canteen, which is located in front of the administrative building of the College. The canteen facilities are available to the teaching. non-teaching staff as well as the students of the college. The canteen is looked after by the canteen committee of Women's College.

        The menu is planned by the Canteen Committee and instructions are given to the contractor accordingly.  A periodical meeting is conducted between Canteen Committee and Contractor in order to appraise the function of the Canteen. Supplying hygienic food, and sanitary conditions are seriously looked after and discussed in the meeting regularly.  Also, suggestions, complaints, and problems of the food consumers are taken into consideration. The contractor is fully committed to keep the quality of the canteen for the utmost benefit of all concerned.

        As the College authority found that the existing canteen is not spacious enough for all, so it was decided to shift it into a newly constructed building (about 600 sqft) near the Science building and as per Expression of Interest (EIO) a contractor of the canteen has been selected by the Canteen Committee. Canteen Committee hopes that students, teaching and non-teaching staff of the College will be highly benefitted by the facilities provided in the canteen.

     The Canteen Committee has been formed with the following teachers-

1. Dr. Gopal Debnath, Associate Professor, (Convener).

2. Smt. Sarbari Nath, Associate Professor, (Member).

3. Sri Biplab Majumder, Assistant Professor, (Member).

4. Sri Joydeep Talapatra, Assistant Professor, (Member).