National Service Scheme (NSS)

The National Service Scheme (NSS) plays an important role for the students of the nation as it teaches them to be responsive to the call of the society whenever asked for. Keeping this in mind the college encourages students to join as NSS volunteers and to have an idea as to how to serve the nation. The College has a Red Ribbon Club, which is working under the banner of NSS of the College unit in collaboration with Tripura State AIDS control Society. The main objective of this club is to create awareness amongst student community about AIDS-HIV disease and to prevent it from spreading.

NSS Programme Officer: Smt. Rama Bhattacharjee (PGT-Bengali)

  1. NSS Activities 2020-2021
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  3. NSS activities from 2018-19
  4. N.S.S activities from June 2013 to 2015 May